An excerpt from Wind in the Willows

Nice? It's the ONLY thing, said the Water Rat solemnly, as he leant forward for his stroke. Believe me, my young friend, there is NOTHING - absolute nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Simply messing, he went on dreamily: messing - about - in - boats; messing----'
From 'Wind in the Willows' by Kenneth Grahame.

Friday, 6 April 2012

First 6 Locks on the Basingstoke

Nancy Bell waiting for White
to exit Lock 2 Basingstoke
Well here we are at Bridge Barn in Woking with the seven boats that left the Wey this morning plus another one which joined us in Woking.  Unfortunately Indigo Blue was not able to join us. We worked the six locks of the Woodham Flight under 'Open Access' conditions.  I've just been back to review the state of the locks with the Basingstoke Canal Authority Canal Ranger and we've only had to caulk two and those were the two that were controlling the water levels for the houseboats so we erred on the side of caution.

In my view, unless something happens tonight, it should be regarded as an unqualified success.

Update on Saturday morning - no call from the Canal Ranger overnight and the water levels have stayed up in the Woking pound overnight so it does look like success - well done to everybody - Aqua Vitae, That Wey, Zavala, Orion's Wey, Nancy Bell and Stronghold.  We are off up St John's at 10:00 this morning with one more boat (Winter Lilly) which joined us in the Woking pound so that's eight boats to Brookwood.

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