An excerpt from Wind in the Willows

Nice? It's the ONLY thing, said the Water Rat solemnly, as he leant forward for his stroke. Believe me, my young friend, there is NOTHING - absolute nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Simply messing, he went on dreamily: messing - about - in - boats; messing----'
From 'Wind in the Willows' by Kenneth Grahame.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Basingstoke update (7)

The post in question
The lower cill has been re-cast
Well a lot of work going on today - my cup runneth over with excitement.  A lock 12 there is a post being put in mid-channel (only to be used when the stop planks need to go in) - no one I have spoken to today is happy with the design which I think came form BW / CaRT so it must be proven but it's just not obvious how it all goes together. The lower cill for Lock 12 has been recast to take account of the odd sized gates!

Work progresses well and the contractors seem happy.

Water streaming through Lock 20
Clearing out above the upper
wing wall of Lock 20
Deepcut - probably one of the most beautiful parts of the whole canal system (IMHO) is being re-watered at the moment - this is the first time some of it has been in water since 2009.  Some photos below of work in progress today.

A bit of a leak but the lock has not
had water near it since 2009
Byfleet Boat Club (who have been such huge supporters of the canal despite being resident on the Wey) are planning to go to Brookwood (proper)  between Christmas and New Year and to King John's castle at Easter.  Hopefully we can get the Basingstoke up and running again.

I feel the local boaters, to begin with, have a moral responsibility to show faith in the counties and use the canal as regularly as time permits.

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