An excerpt from Wind in the Willows

Nice? It's the ONLY thing, said the Water Rat solemnly, as he leant forward for his stroke. Believe me, my young friend, there is NOTHING - absolute nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Simply messing, he went on dreamily: messing - about - in - boats; messing----'
From 'Wind in the Willows' by Kenneth Grahame.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Stoke Bruerne - a picture

I was at a Christmas 'do' this week when a friend (thank you Jan - hope things go well with Havoc) gave me a lovely chalk pastel drawing of Stoke Bruerne which includes my new house.  How very kind. There are many pictures of the houses above the top lock at Stoke Bruerne but to given an original is quite something.

The structural survey on my house was done 2 or so weeks ago and I have heard no adverse reports so I assume all is well.  I am off to Stoke Bruerne on Tuesday to meet with South Northamptonshire Council (what a mouthful), a sash window expert (an 'ex' is a 'has been' and a 'spert' is a drip under pressure in my book!) at 11:00, at 11:30 the man from Howdens is coming to discuss kitchens and doors and then at 12:00 someone called Dave is coming to talk about the fire and replacing it with a woodburning stove.  I am very lucky in that my friend Rodney is riding sidesaddle to see all the technical stuff is done properly (and then we may be going to get some Gardner 2LW engine spares for Hazell Nut from Daventry for him!). Daventry is nice and close and of course we may fit in a bite to eat at the Boat Inn.

I see the Cheese Boat will be in Stoke Bruerne on Tuesday - lead me not into temptation, I can find my own way!

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